Need a bit of extra help? Let us be your geeks.

A lot of the work we do is carried on out on a sub-contract basis. We work with graphic and digital designers, marketing agencies, media companies and other web developers.  Sometimes we are commissioned to build an entire site, sometimes we are called into provide extra capacity and sometimes we're asked to provide specialist skills for a project.

We value these relationships greatly and work hard to build and maintain them. We want to be sure that our clients can depend on us to get the job done.

When we work as a sub-contractor, we become part of your team.  We operate as if we are part of your organisation, be that quietly in the background or as part of your client-facing technical team.


Working in your ecosystem.

If you are geared up for development and collaboration, we will work within your processes and systems to help you deliver smoothly.

  • If you use a code repository, we'll regularly check code in so you have full visibility and retain control
  • We develop and test on your systems to ensure compatibility
  • We make sure we use the right tools to collaborate with your in-house teams, including JIRA, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Git, Confluence and many others


Working in our own world

If you don't have systems and procedures in place for development projects, you can use ours.   

  • All the code we produce is managed in version control systems.  This means we keep a full record of all changes and can make changes in a controlled way.
  • We have development servers for testing, content population and user acceptance.  No surprises at launch time!
  • We track all issues, bugs, change requests and features in our JIRA management system.  That means the things you ask for don't get forgotten.
  • If there are complex specifications or conversations that span lots of people, we have a Confluence system to manage those discussions so everyone knows what's going on.


The sort of stuff we've done

  • Website development
  • Web server management
    • LAMP stack configuration and management
    • Load-balanced hosting
    • Amazon AWS
    • Google Compute Engine
  • API Integration
    • Formstack
    • DotMailer
    • Mailchimp
    • Google Maps
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Sparkpost



If you have a project you need building and managing, or just need a little extra capacity, we'd love to help.   Get in touch and have a conversation with us!