"Green" web hosting

Moving our hosting infrastructure to renewable energy sources

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Everyone is (rightly) far more aware of the potential impact of human activity on our environment than in years past, and many of us make conscious decisions every day which help to conserve resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

The source of the generated electricity we use can be a large factor, and computers which run 24/7 use a lot of it.    We've made a commitment to choose providers who supply energy from renewable sources as much as we possibly can.

From the energy provider we use at the office right through to the data centre partners where our web servers live, much of our electricity is supplied from hydro-electric, solar and wind.   We're not at 100% quite yet, but we're working towards it.   This week, we moved our main web servers to a data centre that uses only renewable energy.   It's been a big job to complete whilst ensuring that our customers didn't suffer any downtime, but we think it's a worthwhile exercise.

If you're looking for a great web hosting package with the added benefit of being powered by sustainable energy, get in touch; we'll be happy to help.